Ministry Experience

To Worship God with all of my heart lifting up the name of the Lord in every situation in my life. To motivate others and leaving a lasting impression of the heart of God in ministry through corporate worship.  I am looking for a fresh experience with God everyday.


To bring people to a fresh and new passion for Christ, being deliberate to encourage depth to live to worship the Lord as a lifestyle.


My focus is to do what God is doing rather than following what the world thinks or feels that God’s idea of worship really is.  I believe in having an experiential experience with God during worship, that has depth, and takes us into that next level with God through worship.  To be truly Spirit led and flow as the Spirit leads according to Gods plan and design of our lives.

My expectations are great and believe that instantaneous miracles in the physical, emotional, etc., can and will happen during those times of worship as we enter into His awesome presence, with new songs coming forth from the Lord as we open up our heart to Him.  Healings of every kind, in the hearts and lives of the un-churched, new believer and the mature Christian.

With my love for people, my desire is to motivate, encourage, train and accelerate every person to be effective worship leaders with the team concept; to achieve his or her highest potential with depth, while allowing time for his or her skills to develop using their creative gifts and abilities.  To show genuine love and compassion with understanding towards each worship member respecting their needs and concerns at all times, getting to know them personally and hear what their dreams and visions are.  And most importantly, to bring the worship team members to a place in their life where their experience with the Lord is fresh and new every day.


In the last 18 years I have served as an evangelistic worship leader, administrative worship director, band member, vocalist, playing keyboard, guitar and bass.  I am very flexible with various styles of worship, including post contemporary and band driven worship teams primarily in the area of evangelistic and congregational worship.   Adult and Children’s Choir leadership for special services such as Easter, Christmas, and other events etc.

With the Keyboard, or Guitar my worship styles are consistent with the worship culture and environment, with the concept of leading by design and not by default.  My worship styles are a blend of current, contemporary, post contemporary, Gen-X and post modern, always keeping updated and aware of current worship trends.  I use traditional songs when they are called for with a new flare that is continuous with current worship styles.  And I am well-rounded and experience in blended and traditional music.

Experienced in both Sound and Multi-Media Departments. Overseeing and assisting with team members with (Easy Worship, Song Show, Pro-Presenter other media etc.) worship, sermons, video/DVD. (My husband and I are both Experienced Sound and Media Technicians, and work with many churches to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Media Arts, as well as web administration and design, and for the most part we work as a team.)  My husband and I have been Licensed and Ordained since 2002.

My administration skills come from my professional work career in Christian based non-profit organizations. My experience is organizational and administration, managing volunteer staff  in Sound, Media, Worship and  Community volunteer administration, providing good work ethics,  with servant-hood directives, warm and welcoming environment with vision, integrity, compassion, communication and time management.

Because of this experience including accounting and finance, and this has giving me my strengths in team management of funds and fund-raising.

I give all the glory and thanks to the Lord for the many things that He has brought me through, and the gifts and abilities that has taught me and given to me.   This is my testimony.