It’s all about the journey!

“It’s all about the Journey!”

As Brenda writes about her journey through “Breast Cancer 

I will be blogging here through my journey of this thing we call “Breast Cancer” .  It is all about the journey and how we walk through it and how God is bringing me through. 

The last 3 months have been so fast. Appointments after appointments.  I did not realize that it could be so exhausting doing all the things that you have to do just to get to the place that I am in right now, ” In Waiting”. 

My surgery date has been scheduled, and I am on my way.  So far I have had two biopsy’s, and one surgery.  They all came back saying cancer.  

How many of you know that we have a miracle-working God?  I know I do!  God is the ever-present in our lives, He is always working on our behalf.  I do not know how people who are not believers get through something like this without the Lord in their lives. 

The entire time that I have known about this, I have just felt so empowered by the Holy Spirit, knowing and believing that everything is going to be OK.  I have peace, the kind of peace that the word talks about, that passes all understanding.  Yes, I have to say, I have had a melt down from time to time. But, my melt downs were not on whether or not I felt the Lord would heal me or not, but heart-felt sadness for my husband, children and friends that are walking it with me.   It think that it is harder on them than it is on me. 

When my doctor came in and said…”Brenda we are going to have to remove your breast”, the look on my friends face, full of tears, then, looking at my husband who just turned whiter than white..with sadness.  At that moment, I just knew what wonderful friends I have, and a husband that I love dearly, and how much he loves me.  I knew, how precious life is.. 

I am also a 17 year survivor of cervical cancer, and with surgery I have been cancer free for that long, and they still we able to save it… God is so good. 

You know, I have one of the best daughters in the world.  When I was told, for the fist time she was there with me.  She wanted to be there to hear what they had to say, it did not matter what it was to her, it just matter that she was there to love and support me through it.  She has been so encouraging through it all. 

I am still believing for my healing whether it is occurring as we speak, or the 11th or 12th hour before surgery, or the Lord guiding the doctors through surgery.. whatever and however God decides to do this for me is not for me to question, but it does not mean I stop believing for my miracle.. We all have questions, I know, but I choose to cast all my cares on Him because He cares for me… ALL! 

You today might need a miracle in your life, like me.  So ask yourself, am I ready to receive my miracle today?  Sometimes we are waiting for it, but sometimes not ready to receive it.  Lay everything aside, prepare your heart and mind, and just say to the Lord, I receive your love… and your healing for my life… I love you Lord.. accept His love for you and healing for you life.. So however healing comes whether it is in the physical or emotional, or whatever it is.. God is always with you through it all. 

So, if you feel that you need prayer, send us your request and we will agree and pray for you… We have a wonderful God, and He is just waiting to hear from you..