Music and Vocal Lessons

Brenda has 30 years of voice and musical training.  Brenda is very non-traditional, so if you are looking for someone for traditional classical music lessons she is probably not going be the type of teacher that you need.

Brenda teaches music in a worship setting, using contemporary, gen-x, post modern music.   Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, and many, many more……..

Over the years, she has had many tell her, “I want to learn to play or sing like you”  then continue to ask how long did it take, and all she can answer “It takes a lifetime…”  and she sees them walk away frustrated and disappointed.   Brenda really sees the heart of the individual, and most of the people who come to her do not have a lifetime to learn.

So, and if you are a hard worker and really want to put the time and effort in, she has hope even those who have been told by others teachers that it is not possible for them.

The technique that she uses is different and unique and has proven even in her own children that it is possible even for those who do not retain a lot of information, and that is why over the last 20 years, she has sought some of the best ways to teach where they will receive the best results over a shorter period of time, because she understands that there is no time to lose and we have a greater goal and purpose that is before us…

All Sessions are 30 min.  Discounts are available for 1 hour sessions.

Private Sessions for Voice are $35
Private Session for Keys/Piano/Synth are $35

Voice Group Sessions up to 4 people are $25 each:  Pre-Paid 4 weeks gives you 2 private single sessions per group per quarter.

Gift Certificates or 4 Pre-Paid sessions or more: gives you 1 free session a quarter.

1 hour sessions are $45 for Piano/Vocal.

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