Did you ever wonder? Where is your calling?

I don’t know about you but, I never thought in a million years that I would ever be called to Women’s ministry.  When we moved to Washington State, I did not really know anyone and my husband suggested to me to get involved with the women’s ministry in the church, and I said, YUCK, those girls do not eat meat, they eat prissy girl food and they sit and read books all day….lol.  Most of the time when I went to any type of women’s ministry, and they would read a book and I was just so bored…I would never say anything, it was just not fun…..lol

So, enough being said, so what do you think that God would call me too?  Exactly… Women’s Ministry, the one thing that I thought that I did not have a related bone in my body.

When I was growing up I had so many guy friends, not boyfriends, let’s just clarify that, HAHA… that it just looked like I could have had a date for every single night of month, and only really had three close girl friends.

I loved sports, and I was very competitive.   I loved swimming,  I and so I swam almost everyday from the time I was 13.  I was a pretty good baseball player, and once my friend missed a pitch and ended up getting seven stitches in his eye because my curve ball was a little fast and furious…  well… you can see where I am going with this… LOL. I took a ball in the knee while pitching and never blinked and threw him out at first, just on auto pilot.  My knee was black and blue for months, and still to this day you can see the stitching from the ball on my knee if you look really close.

Growing up as a girl, always felt the need to be the best, and prove that I could do the things that I loved to do, because the things that I liked were always beyond the spectrum of what girls were expected to be or do.  I could never understand why I could not do something just because of who I was.  My parents always said to be the best at what you want and always encouraged me to do what I loved to do. So, I loved baseball, volleyball and anything that had to do with swimming or being outside, even a little tag football, I always had survival book next to my bed, and camping magazines, looking at the latest sleeping bags and camping stoves and to be honest now that I am older, I do not like camping all that much, I like the idea of all of the latest camping equipment, especially in Washington, it just rains and it is no fun, but in the mid-west, it is so fun where it is a little drier, I love it, now I love camping, IN a MOTORHOME!

To me, back then, women were just a bunch of people who fought with each other, wore hats to church on Easter and the new dresses at Christmas, and talked about what they were going to wear, and how they were going to wear it, and how long it was going to take them to get it done. They ate salad, then some type of low fat dessert,  sat at home all day writing in their journals, on to the next latest new book, and spent all of their time in the nail salon.  “Aside from the nail salon, I pretty much was a tom-boy.”

My first new car was a red truck with a shell, and it carried my bat, glove, tennis racket, basketball, football, and my bicycle, and everything else that I could get in there. If it was sports related it was in there my surf board.

Now almost 25 years later, I am still that person in spirit, although I do not get to do those things much anymore, with the exception of a few things.  But God has really brought me into a different path.  Recognizing that there are many women just like me that have walked into a church or women’s ministry that just did not feel at home, but sometimes in the church that is the only place that they can have fellowship, at one of those salad eating, book and journal writing ministries…

Now of course I am being funny, but I am also serious at the same time.  As we need to learn how to recognize the needs of the women in our ministry. I am not at all saying those things are bad or coming against the churches that do that, what I am getting at is, there are many women who feel just as rejected or as displaced as I was.  Because even now I do find myself eating more veggies and salad just to maintain my weight because I can’t do some of the things that used to be able to do.

Now, as I have matured over the years, I realize that there are so many women who have felt this way and we need to as women embrace those who are hurting and feeling a sense of rejection or loss in their lives.

God wants us to move in ways we have never moved before.  There is so much wisdom in our women’s ministry.  Love my pastor friends and what they bring to the table, and the more that I get to know them, I find out that they like almost all of the same things as I do.

The Lord wants to heal and give you sustainable and encouraging moments in our lives, that bring hope and restoration to our lives so that we can in turn embrace life more abundantly in His presence.  Now I find myself writing in my journal, maybe not reading the latest book, but striving to gather as much information and word as possible so that I can yield everything that God has for me.

The Lord wants us to be women of excellence, that can and will impact our world for the next generation to come.  Without those things we end up being distracted as the world comes at us, and what it brings into our lives.  We need that time to embrace the Lord every day, whether it is in the car listening great worship, or in a good book, but most of all on our faces spending time in the Lord presence outside in our garden, which is where I would rather be fifty percent of the time.

I know that sometimes that is almost impossible, but I challenge you to really take that time with Him and steal away the time.  I find myself putting in my earphones and while I am washing the dishes or cleaning the house or doing the laundry putting myself in the zone with the Lord, and worship or listen to a message just to get through my day sometimes. Or if you live in a small house like me, putting on my earphones to get some piece and quite from the house noise.

Just ask yourself, who am I? And what have you called me to do?  It might be as simple as 10 minutes a day making encouraging phone calls to those who are having a challenging day, to quickly speak an empowering message on their voice mails.  Taking time to thank people for the things that they do for you.  I think that this year I have gone through 4 boxes of thank you notes.  It is not just about what they did for you, but thanking them for what they bring to your life and to those you love.  It could be that you are an at home Mom, which I have been most of 17 years, homeschooling, day in and day out, and taking the time to build up other Mom’s, spending time getting them out of the chaos of the day.  It could be that you love to cook (which is not my favorite thing to do, I could use a nice cooked meal from your house once in a while.. HAHA) and call a family and tell them that you would like to cook a meal for them because you know that they need a break and you can share a recipe with some one.

If you are a pastor, there are so many things that women need rather than the normal book study, don’t get me wrong, there are so many women that need that.  But let’s be an impact with being realistic in someone’s life What I am talking about is there are a group of women that need fellowship on a level that has nothing to do with church events.

Women need to have relationship builders that reach out to their daily tasks and mentor-ship with learning a new skill.  Walking, Riding bikes, or Working out, Cooking Lessons the basic things that bring relational and emotional support.  Don’t be offended!  When was the last time you said, I wish that I could do that or cook that?  Or wanted to experience something you wished that you had someone to teach you or share with you a skill that they have.  There is something to be said to those who work and prepare with someone a meal or painting someone’s kitchen or just organizing their cupboard.  There are so many things that overwhelm us… give some time to watching someone’s children while they go to a movie or dinner, etc.

I say all of this to say this.. God wants us to have the best relationships with Him, and with others.  Try something new, that you never have done before and allow God to work through you just by being there for others and recognizing that there is more than one way to build long-lasting relationship that are there for a lifetime.   You may be someone’s only lifeline outside of the Lord Himself.  Ask God what He would have you do, let’s find out what your calling is.. it maybe something completely different than someone else’s because he made you unique and different than anyone else.  That old song that say’s “Be who He wants me to be, and Go where He wants me to go.”  Let do that, and let’s impact our world.